How to Setup Windows 10 OS for Your Kids?

Do you want to gift windows 10 laptop to your child for school work?

But afraid of misusing it by your child?

Then you need to know how to set it up with Microsoft parental controls.

This features allow to get a weekly report of your kids activity on Internet.

And keep you updated with what really your child do with laptop that you gifted them.

Let’s start with the process….

Steps for creating an account for your kid

Microsoft allows you to create separate account of children.

Step 1 : Sign in into your Microsoft account using your kid laptop.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Accounts > Family & other users and click Add a family member.

Step 3: After that click on Add a Child

Step 4: After selecting Add a Child option insert person email id. If you child don’t have the email ID then create it.

After filling all the steps than login into your account and prove you are an adult, by providing your credit card details.

windows 10 for kids

Microsoft will charge $0.50 which they donate to charity.

Now you can audit your child account using parental control.

Family safety first

From Settings > Accounts > Family and other users, you’ll see a link for Manage family settings online underneath your accounts in the Your Family section. The link will open Microsoft’s Family Settings website. Ensure you sign into your own account on this site; on the off chance that you are signed in under your child’s account, you won’t have the capacity to access the family settings.

In the wake of signing in to your own account, click Family in the upper ideal to see your family members. Under your child’s account, you’ll see four items listed: Activity, Screen time, Content restrictions and Spending.

For Activity, the setup is simple. Toggle on Activity reporting, which shows you the searches and web history of your child alongside the apps and games he or she has used. You can see this data on the Activity page and also click a toggle switch to get a week by week report messaged to you.

windows 10 for kids

For Screen time, you can set time limits for the tablet or PC registered to your child’s account as well as a Xbox. On the off chance that your child tries to use the portable PC outside the time window you set, he or she won’t have the capacity to sign into their account and will be advised to either sign into an alternate account or kill the PC.

For Content restrictions, you can set an age restriction for apps, games and media as well as for web browsing. For the last mentioned, you can blacklist sites you know you don’t need your child accessing or you can make a white-list and permit access just to the sites you specifically include. Microsoft tracks usage just in its Edge browser, yet to keep liberated web access from another browser, Microsoft blocks Chrome, Firefox, Opera and a couple of other browsers as a matter of course. Also in Content restrictions, you can require Microsoft Store purchases to get your approval first.

windows 10 for kids

For Spending, you can add money to your kid’s account as sort of a digital allowance for the Microsoft Store.

Also watch this video to set up windows 10 with parental control.